Timber Sashless Double Hung Windows

Timber Sashless Double Hung Windows Timber Sashless Double Hung Windows Timber Sashless Double Hung Windows

How are these different from regular Double Hung Windows?

The difference between a Sashless and Standard Double Hung Window is simply that the Sashless version doesn’t have the timber frame around each individual pane of glass.

Why choose these windows for my home?

Sashless Double Hung Windows will complement the design characteristics of your home, whilst providing superior climate control and unrestricted views.

The heart of the Sashless system is the counter balance mechanism, which utilises the weight of one pane to counter the weight of the other. By sliding up the inner pane, the outer pane equally moves in the opposite direction.

Easily installed in restricted spaces the windows and doors have integrated long life slides with self-aligning grooves and a large anti-jamming sliding clearance. The rigid centre metal track provides improved noise and weather insulation. The concealed locking feature operates in the closed or partially open position.

Available with the range of timber frames, Sashless Double Hung Windows are designed to withstand significant adverse weather conditions.

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