Timber Awning Windows

Timber Awning Windows Timber Awning Windows

What’s an Awning Window?

Awning Windows are hinged along the top and open from the bottom, providing ventilation without allowing the wet weather to enter your home.

The advantage of this design is that the sash is easily removable for painting and it can be opened or closed in all weather conditions, without the need to remove the flyscreen.

The operable sashes are fitted with a high quality slimline winder as standard, which gives you smooth, easy opening and closing and provides you with fingertip ventilation control.

Awning Windows can be fitted with standard, toughened or laminated glass and can even be double glazed. As with all our windows, they are available in a number of different bar configurations, including Colonial, Heritage, Federation and Simulated Casement (Georgian). Winders also come in a wide range of colours with a lockable option.

Available winder colours include White, Pottery, Black and Silver.

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Stud Opening 630 870 1230 1470 1830 2430 2670
Frame 610 850 1210 1450 1810 2410 2650
470 450 AW0506 AW0509 AW0512 AW0515 AW0518 AW0524 AW0527
534 514 AW0606 AW0609 AW0612 AW0615 AW0618 AW0624 AW0627
877 857 AW0906 AW0909 AW0912 AW0915 AW0918 AW0924 AW0927
1049 1029 AW1006 AW1009 AW1012 AW1015 AW1018 AW1024 AW1027
1220 1200 AW1206 AW1209 AW1212 AW1215 AW1218 AW1224 AW1227
1392 1372 AW1406 AW1409 AW1412 AW1415 AW1418 AW1424 AW1427
1477 1457 AW1506 AW1509 AW1512 AW1515 AW1518 AW1524 AW1527
1820 1800 AW1806 AW1809 AW1812 AW1815 AW1818 AW1824 AW1827
2077 2057 AW2106 AW2109 AW2112 AW2115 AW2118 AW2124 AW2127
2420 2400 AW2406 AW2409 AW2412 AW2415 AW2418 AW2424 AW2427

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