Timber Bifold Windows

Timber Bifold Windows Timber Bifold Windows Timber Bifold Windows

What’s a Bifold Window?

A Bifold Window opens your home to your entertainment area within seconds. It can be used on its own, as a kitchen servery, or in conjunction with the Bifold Door as a total entertainment area solution.

The Bifold Window can be hinged on either side of the frame and comes in two, three or four panel options in a number of bar configurations to suit your individual tastes and decor.

Made to order, the Bifold Window can be supplied with a flat extended sill for serving food and drink. Or, if you desire, supplied with no sill for new home applications where you want to extend your bench top through the window to the entertainment area.

It is also available with a “wind down” flyscreen that can be removed quickly when using the window for entertaining.

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2-3 Panel Configurations

Stud Opening 935 1230 1230 1530 1830
Frame 915 1210 1210 1510 1810
1077 1057 BW22R1009 BW22R1012 BW33R1012 BW33R1015 BW33R1018
1217 1197 BW22R1209 BW22R1212 BW33R12152 BW33R1215 BW33R1218
1417 1397 BW22R1409 BW22R1412 BW33R1412 BW33R1415 BW33R1418
1517 1497 BW22R1509 BW22R1512 BW33R1512 BW33R1515 BW33R1518

4 Panel Configurations

Stud Opening 1570 1570 1830 1830 2420 2420
Frame 1550 1550 1810 1810 2400 2400
1077 1057 BW44R1015 BW42L2R1015 BW44R1018 BW42L2R1018 BW44R1024 BW42L2R1024
1217 1197 BW44R1215 BW42L2R1215 BW44R1218 BW42L2R1218 BW44R1224 BW42L2R1224
1417 1397 BW44R1415 BW42L2R1415 BW44R1418 BW42L2R1418 BW44R1424 BW42L2R1424
1517 1497 BW44R1515 BW42L2R1515 BW44R1518 BW42L2R1518 BW44R1524 BW42L2R1524

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