Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium Sliding Windows Aluminium Sliding Windows Aluminium Sliding Windows

Why choose Sliding Windows for my home?

Sliding Windows combine wide views, with simple, classic design and easy operation. They can be combined with fixed windows and are a simple, reliable and economical choice for design flexibility.

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Please feel free to request more information about this product by using the form on the left, or by calling our office on 5223 3113. You can also read more about our window installation service if you are purchasing any of our windows, or our window replacement service if you are looking to replace an existing window.

Size & Price Chart - Buy them online!

Find the right size in the chart below, then click to add it to your cart. If you can’t find the right size, or you need a custom size, please use the enquiry form on the left, or feel free to drop in.

Please note that these windows are also available in OX and OXXO configurations (where X is a Sliding Panel and O is a Fixed Panel). OXXO configurations are available in sizes 1810mm in width and larger. Contact us for more information.

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Stud Opening 670 910 1270 1510 1870 2230 2230 2470 2710 3070
Frame 610 850 1210 1450 1810 2170 2170 2410 2650 3010
660 600 XO0606 XO0609 XO0612 XO0615 XO0618 XO0621 XOX0621 XOX0624 XOX0627 XOX0630
920 860 XO0906 XO0909 XO0912 XO0915 XO0918 XO0921 XOX0921 XOX0924 XOX0927 XOX0930
1090 1030 XO1006 XO1009 XO1012 XO1015 XO1018 XO1021 XOX1021 XOX1024 XOX1027 XOX1030
1260 1200   XO1209 XO1212 XO1215 XO1218 XO1221 XOX1221 XOX1224 XOX1227 XOX1230
1520 1460   XO1409 XO1412 XO1415 XO1418 XO1421 XOX1421 XOX1424 XOX1427 XOX1430
1860 1800   XO1809T XO1812T XO1815T XO1818T XO1821T XOX1821T XOX1824T XOX1827T XOX1830T
2120 2060     XO2012T XO2015T XO2018T XO2021T XOX2021T XOX2024T XOX2027T XOX2030T

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