Timber French Doors

Timber French Doors Timber French Doors Timber French Doors

Classic double doors

Open up your lifestyle with beautiful French Doors. Ever popular, they allow access to your entertainment area and can be provided in open in or open out configurations to suit your requirements.

Your Window Warehouse French Doors can also be provided in a number of door styles to meet your personal tastes or to complement your current home design.

Window Warehouse French Doors will be one of the outstanding investments in your home. For new or replacement applications, Window Warehouse can manufacture French Doors to your exacting requirements.

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Frame 820 820 820 820 820 820 820 820
2040 GD820 GD820C GD820C10E GD820C10 GD820C8E GD820FED GD820T GD820TF
2040 GD820CF GD820F-FED GD8202F GD820C2F GD8202F-HER GD8202F-FED

Single Panel Door Frames

Stud Opening 885 935
Frame 865 915
2127 2107 E865 E915

Double Panel Door Frames

Stud Opening 1695 1705
Frame 1675 1685
2127 2107 E1675 E1685

Suits 2x820 rebated doors.

Suits 2x820 doors with a T stop (included in the price of the jam).

Door Frames and Sidelight

Stud Opening 1165 1230 1305 1350 1576 1765
Frame 1145 1210 1285 1330 1556 1745
2127 2107 FE1145 FE1210 FE1285 FE1330 FE1556 FE1745P

Timber Laundry Combinations

Stud Opening 1495 1650 1800
Frame 1475 1630 1780
2127 2107 LE1006 LE1008 LE1009

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