Aluminium Sliding Stacker Doors

Aluminium Sliding Stacker Doors Aluminium Sliding Stacker Doors Aluminium Sliding Stacker Doors

Where to use these doors

With their uncluttered lines and large glass areas, Aluminium Sliding Stacker Doors bring optimum natural light and a sense of space into any room.

Through their wide openings, stacker doors can open your home to the great outdoors, giving you easy access to patios, sundecks, courtyards and gardens. Superior assembly, materials and fittings ensures ease of use, long life and excellent security. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, Aluminium Sliding Stacker Doors are suitable for both contemporary and traditional designs.


All Aluminium Sliding Stacker Doors come with a 7 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and a 3 Year Moving Part Guarantee.

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Please feel free to request more information about this product by using the form on the left, or by calling our office on 5223 3113. You can also read more about our door installation service if you are purchasing any of our doors, or our door replacement service if you are looking to replace an existing door.

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Find the right size in the chart below, then click to add it to your cart. If you would like double glazing you can select the "Signature Double Glazed Upgrade" on the cart page. If you can’t find the right size, or you need a custom size, please use the enquiry form on the left, or feel free to drop in.

Please note that all sliding doors are also available in other configurations. Flydoors are not available for the commercial door range. Please contact us for more information.

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Domestic Door Range

Stud Opening 2208 2748 3288 3648 4098
Frame Size 2148 2688 3228 3588 4038
2130 2100 XXO2122 XXO2127 XXO2132 XXO2136 XXO2140
2430 2400 XXO2422 XXO2427 XXO2432 XXO2436 XXO2440

Commercial Door Range

Stud Opening 4326 5406 6306
Frame Size 4266 5346 6246
2130 2100 OXXXXO2143 OXXXXO2153 OXXXXO2162
2430 2400 OXXXXO2443 OXXXXO2453 OXXXXO2462

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