Timber Trislide Doors

Timber Trislide Doors Timber Trislide Doors Timber Trislide Doors

What are Trislide Doors?

Little interior room or a Bifold Door outside of your budget? The Trislide Door is probably what you are looking for.

A Trislide Door opens your home or office to your entertainment area within seconds, without taking up any interior space. Providing 32% more opening than a typical sliding door, with a fully integrated alloy sill to keep water cleared away in all weather conditions, hidden by beautiful timber laminations.

No longer do you have to use the family room and outside barbeque area as separate entertaining areas, just open up your Trislide Door into one large entertainment expanse. Trislide Doors can slide from either side of the frame and two doors can even be joined end to end where large open spaces are required, just ask about the options available.

Reinforced “double gantry” ball bearing wheels allow for fingertip control, with a smooth gliding action that can be adjusted to suit your needs, allowing you to open the door part or all of the way. And when the weather gets hot or cold, your Trislide Door is sealed to keep the weather exactly where you want it to be.

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